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Comment on this and I'll ask you five questions and then you post this in your journal and blahdeblah... you get the picture.

1) What is your favourite David Bowie song?
Urm, that's kinda tricky. I have many, Life on Mars?, Soul Love, Absolute Beginners, When the World Falls Down, Scary Monsters, I'm Afraid of Americans, Ashes to Ashes, Space Oddity and Velvet Goldmine are just some of them. I think if I had to pick one on pain of death, it would be Life on Mars? even though I'm slightly ashamed of that one because it's such a predictable choice.

2) You have 'death rituals' in your interests. Can you elaborate on why you are interested in them?
It all began in second year at Durham when I did the English Renaissance Tragedy topic with Dr Alison Shell (she of the epic stutter). We looked at portrayals of death in the plays of the time and I did a presentation for the group on how people coped with death then, including all the different options for funerals and mementos depending on what class you were and what you could afford. I'm also more generally interested in how different cultures treat death. Simplifying greatly: In the West it's highly individualised and portrayed as this terrible loss of an individual but in Eastern cultures, the person is mourned but the emphasis is usually on the continuity of the community and the individual lives on in collective memory. There's also things like how it's terribly un-English to cry at funerals, but in countries like Iran if there aren't a few women there beating their breasts and tearing their hair out, ur not doin it rite. They even have professional mourners who go to funerals of people they don't know precisely to do this. And then there's things like the Night of the Dead carnivals in Mexico that celebrate and embrace death far more than we do in England. I don't think my own culture has a particularly healthy attitude towards death and think other cultures deal with it much more constructively. Also, we're so insulated from the realities of life here that death is often just as much a taboo as sex. Hannah Thinks THIS IS WRONG.

3) What has your experience being a life model been like?
I've only done it twice and it was quite fun, if at times, uncomfortable. I undressed in a separate room and was sweating loads before I actually went in, as I was very nervous the first time. Once you're in, it's fine. The uncomfortable bit can be holding the postures, it feels like it's taking a long time, but on both occasions an hour and a half passed quite quickly. The weirdest bit was that nobody would meet my eyes afterwards. It's quite nice being the centre of attention and when you put your clothes on they all suddenly ignore you. I would guess they're trying not to make you feel uncomfortable and act like they know you just because they've seen you naked, but I found it rather disconcerting. I kept one of the drawings the second time, I've got it in a frame somewhere and it's actually rather good. I keep thinking it's something I'd like to do again, but I'm not confident enough at the moment.

4) If you could write for any publication as a journalist, what would it be?
Private Eye.

5) What is your favourite film?
Again, difficult to pin down. Favourites include: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe, Blazing Saddles, Labyrinth, Fight Club, original Star Wars trilogy and Some Like It Hot. It's probably a tie between Fried Green Tomatoes and Blazing Saddles.
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