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Birthdate:Jul 8
I'm a former print and broadcast journo now immersed in the brave new world of trying to freelance in a foreign country. This takes up far too much of my life, when I would rather be obsessing about a book, film or TV show. Being an adult is not as much fun as they told us it would be.

My parents raised me to be a feminist/egalitarian and a grammar pedant. I'm not sure if it was deliberate, but either way, it's too late now. If either of these things is a problem, tough.

I love writing, reading, music and dancing. Up until university, I was a straight split between sciences and humanities and I wish I'd been able to keep it that way. I dabble in being shit at several European languages, but learnt to read music as I was learning to read words. I guess you can't have everything.

I don't update much and when I do, I'm afraid it's often to complain about something. However, I do read other people's entries and am always interested in meeting new people.

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80s kids tv, abba, abbey road, adrienne rich, alex rider, amanda fucking palmer, american history x, androgyny, artemis fowl, arthur ransome, bass clarinet, beethoven, being naked, being non gender specific, bender, blue purple pink, books, bowie vinyl, boys with fuzzy hair, buffy, captain malcolm reynolds, cath!rtic, cathedrals, cheesenbacon burger addiction, clarinet, clarinets, classical mythology, contrabass clarinet, david bowie, david bowie's crotch, death, death paraphernalia, death rituals, diana wynne jones, dirty guitar riffs, discworld, doc martens, doctor who, dollhouse, eels, english renaissance tragedy, feminism, fight club, films, firefly, flirting, freddie mercury, futurama, game of thrones, gender confusion, gershwin, goldfrapp, good omens, handel, harry potter, having an extensive vocabulary, hignfy, his dark materials, hugs and hugging, incubus, india, innuendo by queen, izombie, janie's got a gun, john wyndham, joss whedon, journalism, judo, judoka, katzenjammer, keats, labyrinth, last stop: this town, leather jackets, lisa simpson, london, lord of the rings, lucid dreaming, marc bolan, marina & the diamonds, mary wollstonecraft, meatloaf, memento mori, monty python, muse, music, musicals, nanny ogg, neil gaiman, norse legends, old peter's russian tales, orchestras, philip pullman, plays, poetry, posing for life drawing, private eye, procrastinating like a mofo, queen, randori, reading, really cool left-handed people, regina spektor, ruffling fuzzy hair, sailing, saint-saen, samuel taylor coleridge, sea, serenity, shakespeare, sherlock, singing, socially acceptable nudity, star wars, steven tyler, supernatural, superted, swallows and amazons, swimming, sylvia plath, t.rex, terry pratchett, the albert hall, the barbican, the bbc, the dark is rising, the doors, the dresden dolls, the librarian, the lion king, the princess bride, the simpsons, the south bank centre, the west wing, the white stripes, the wire, trees, triple bailey's, ultraviolet, uogb, velvet jackets, veronica mars, vimes, vinyl, water, women priests, writing, yeah yeah yeahs, zoe washburne
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